Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Clomid Check-up

It really is amazing how just trying to get pregnant prepares you to actually be pregnant. Here's how:

Going to the doctor multiple times per week?....Check.

I visited the doctor last Friday, today, and I will be going again on Monday or Tuesday (and possibly one or more times later next week.)

Having blood drawn multiple times per week?....Check.

I have never been bothered by needles and don't mind having my blood drawn, so I am going to be a blood-giving champion throughout this experience. I also really like the phlebotomist in my doctor's office. She's really good at what she does. The prick hardly hurts, and she gets everything done as fast and painless as possible.

Having people up in my nether-regions (is that hyphenated?) multiple times a week?....Definitely check.

Two internal sonograms in less than a week and another to go next week. I am also going to be a sonogram champion. In addition, once there is a child in my uterus, I'm going to be so excited to no longer see an empty screen! I'll know that I will be looking at something special.

Feeling unreasonably warm--even in the dead of winter?....Check.

To answer my concerns in my last post, I mostly definitely had hot flashes. Over the last couple nights, I've only experienced one or two per night, as opposed to the ever present heat I felt when I first started Clomid. If nothing else, they are convenient in the sense that it's like having my own personal space heater--which comes in handy when it's 6 degrees outside. As a note though, one thing that is a total pain about hot flashes is when I went to bed last night, I was feeling incredibly warm, so I only needed a sheet and a blanket. I normally sleep with a flannel sheet, comforter, and about three blankets. Yes, I'm weird. But I discovered last year that I inherited this characteristic from my father. For us, it's not about the warmth; it's the weight of the blankets that keeps us warm and cozy all night. Suffice to say, since I was only using about a 1/3 of my normal sleepwear when I went to bed, I woke up absolutely freezing! I'm going to have to devise a better system for being comfortable when I go to bed and then when I wake up.

Hormones going crazy?...Thankfully, not yet.

Today, my ultrasound technician (whom I already love. He's also really good at his job and makes the ultrasound tolerable) asked me if my hormones were acting up, and I'm very thankful to report that they have not. All I can think about is that episode of Sex and the City when Charlotte yells at Trey in the middle of the Highland Fling and rips her pretty tartan dress. I'm praying so hard that I don't experience anything that extreme. Of course, if I watch that actual episode, I will probably cry like a baby when Trey tells Charlotte he doesn't want to continue their fertility treatments--and then my hormones will certainly kick in...

Other notes....

My ultrasound today didn't show much. I have a whole bunch of eggs (Cool!), but none of them are bigger than 10mm, which means they can't see one big one that could potentially ovulate. But it's still fairly early since I'm only on Day 10 of my cycle (and most of my cycles are 60+ days). They're checking my estrogen level from my blood work today, and hopefully it will be much higher than last week's 83 (it needs to be mid-100s-200.) They'll call me with the results, and I'll go back in on Monday or Tuesday to see if I have any noticeable follicles (aka big my Clomid research, I kept reading about follicles, and I didn't know what the heck that term meant. I'm learning so much through this experience.) If I don't and/or my estrogen levels are still low, my doctor will have to do something with my medication.

So there you have it! This weekend, we're praying for follicles and high estrogen levels. I'm going to acupuncture tomorrow morning (more about how much I love acupuncture later), so that should help to get my fertility working.

Until then...


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